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Summer by the Sea

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

People always ask, "Why would you go to Grand Cayman in the summer, isn't it HOT?" The answer: HOT is relative. If you live in the south you are accustom to hot summers, if you live in the north the hot summers of the south may seem unbearable. It's true, Grand Cayman summers are hot but there are advantages to vacationing on the island during the months of summer.

When you visit Grand Cayman in June, July or August you will find it is less crowded than the high season (mid December - April.) This means you can take advantage of visiting local tourist attractions with out encountering massive crowds. Of course you should always check the cruise schedule and avoid Stingray City or the Turtle Farm when cruise ships are in port.

Dining out becomes easier during June, July and August as you are likely to be able to arrive at your favorite restaurant without a reservation and still be seated for dinner. If there is a wait it's usually not a long wait.

The summer brings trade winds that blow off the ocean and provide a cooling breeze. Even when the temperature reaches 90° you will find it is quite pleasant sitting on the beach under the shade of the palm trees. And of course if you get a little too warm you can cool off with a dip in the ocean.

If you hail from the south or you live up north you will enjoy a summer visit to Grand Cayman. Take advantage of the slow months, soak up some sun and enjoy a relaxing unhurried vacation.

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