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Looking Back

There is an old song by Mac Davis titled "Texas In My Rear View Mirror." It tells a story about chasing a Hollywood dream and thinking that happiness is seeing Lubbock Texas in the rearview mirror. The end of the song brings you full circle to discovering happiness is Lubbock Texas growing nearer and dearer. I can honestly say happiness has never been Grand Cayman in my rearview mirror but the thought of Grand Cayman growing nearer and dearer definitely brings me happiness. How much longer until the day comes when I can look out that window and see Grand Cayman growing nearer and dearer?

It feels like ages since I've walked along Spotts Beach, dipped my toes in the cool water, had a drink on the Villa SeaRenity balcony, and enjoyed dinner at a favorite on-island restaurant. I look back and wonder how much has changed since leaving on March 16, 2020. I look back and wonder if I enjoyed every moment of that last trip to the fullest. I look back and wonder if the menu at Calypso Grill has changed. I look back and wonder if the same bartender is making that amazing Mojito at Casa 43. I look back and wonder if Morgan's fresh catch is still as delicious as I remember. I look back and wonder how long it will be until I can once again enjoy dinner and Full Moon Rising at Tukka East End. I wonder about so many things, but mostly I wonder when a return to Grand Cayman will be possible, not only for me but for our guests.

Cayman is free of community spread of Covid and the country is making progress in getting residents vaccinated but it is time for a true plan to bring tourism back to the islands. I'm tired of looking back. I want Grand Cayman out of my rearview mirror; I want to see it growing nearer and dearer.

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